K9 Scent Detection Handler

K9 Scent Detection Handler

Biography and portfolio of Lique De Roode

Lique De Roode - K9 Scent Detection Handler

Name: Lique De Roode

  • Position: Bed Bug Dog Handler
  • Favorite Breed: Black Lab

Lique De Roode - Professional BIO

I am currently training dogs in scent detection, personal protection, PSA (sport) and cadaver. I have attended over 50 seminars with the most world class trainers in all disciplines of training from obedience, scent detection, different sports, etc. I have worked since 2011 as a certified bed bug inspector with bed bug detection dogs for 2 different companies and now operate my own business handling and training bed bug dogs. We have our own training facility where the dogs ability to work gets tested on a daily basis to ensure accurate bed bug detection.

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