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Bed Bugs: Our Passion and Devotion

The Bed Bug Hunters have one purpose: aid Hamilton in the fight against bed bugs. Our inspection dogs are trained to detect the scent of live bed bugs, bed bug eggs and expired bed bugs. Our scent detection dogs have one driving motivation, search and find bed bugs. Our inspection teams live to search for bed bugs. Call today: 1-855-448-3331

Bed Bugs: Licensed and Educated

When you hire a Bed Bug Hunter detection team, you can expect a thorough and professional inspection of your house or apartment dwelling. Our dog handlers are experts and have spent years studying bed bugs and their instinctive behaviours. If you have bed bugs, we will find them. Call Hamilton Bed Bug Hunters today: 1-855-448-3331

Bed Bug Inspection: Peace of Mind

If you have reason to believe you have come in contact with bed bugs, and need to know if bed bugs have entered your home, a Bed Bug Inspection Dog is just what you need. Hamilton Bed Bug Hunters dog detection service is affordable & accurate. We can come to your home today and you can know if you have bed bugs. 24 hours: 1-855-448-3331

Bed Bug Inspection: Before you Move

Call us before you sign the lease! Many people in Hamilton suffer from bed bugs because they've moved into an apartment that is infested with bed bugs. You can avoid a building that has bed bugs by calling us first. Our dogs can inspect your new apartment before you commit to the lease. Protect yourself, before you move: 1-855-448-3331

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Inspection: Our Process, Your Comfort

Call us First: 24 hours a day

A bed bug infestation is a very big ordeal. If you get bed bugs, your life may be turned upside for weeks. The greater your infestation, the more expensive and disturbing the ordeal will be. We offer free bed bug consultation over the phone. Once we have discussed your circumstances with you, we can determine your course of action. Call: 1-855-448-3331

Dog Inspections: Same Day Service

If you have an urgent situation, and you are losing sleep at night, we provide emergency same day service. Bed bugs cause deep psychological trauma, and sleep loss can effect every part of your life. We care about your physical and emmotional well being. If you're losing sleep call for peace of mind: 1-855-448-3331

Bed Bug Inspection: Pre-Treatment

If you know you have bed bugs and your infestation is contained, it is beneficial to book a bed bug dog. The dog can precisely identify all bed bug hiding places. The dog inspection can help your bed bug exterminator focus efforts in the locations we have already identified. Book a pre-treatment inspection: 1-855-448-3331

Bed Bug Inspection: Post-Treatment

Once your bed bug infestation has been treated by an exterminator, a bed bug dog can inspect your home, giving you added peace of mind. This added assurance will help you feel at ease, resulting in a sense of comfort knowing your bed bug issue has been successfully resolved. Book a post treatment bed bug inspection : 1-855-448-3331

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