Multi-Unit K9 Bed Bug Detection

K9 Bed Bug Detection

Multi-Unit Bed Bug Detection

K9 Detection: Apartment Buildings

Let the Bed Bug Hunters search and detect bed bugs in your multi-unit apartment building. If you have bed bugs and need to know the source unit(s) of those bed bugs, you need the Bed Bug Hunters. Whether your building has 16 units, or 250 units, our K9 Bed Bug Detection Dogs can do the job. Call to discuss your apartment building: 1-855-448-3331

K9 Bed Bug Detection: Hotels

The Bed Bug Hunters discreetly and professionally detect bed bugs in your hotel without causing alarm to your guests. Our K9 bed bug detection dogs are professional, and very well mannered. You can be assured our dogs will be quiet, calm, focused and obedient. Book a free onsite consultation: 1-855-448-3331

K9 Detection Services: Dormitory

Proactively searching for bed bugs in your college or university dorm will reduce the number of incidents in your facility. Our K9 Bed Bug Detection teams will maintain a consistent schedule with your administrators office, and will keep your staff well informed of the status of your dorm rooms. Call us for more details: 1-855-448-3331

Bed Bug K9s: Townhouse Complex

If you manage a townhouse complex, and need to schedule routine bed bug searches, the Bed Bug Hunters are there for you. Similar to all of our other multi-unit search procedures, our K9 bed bug detection experts will inspect all units in your townhouse complex. Our accuracy and professional conduct cannot be compared. 1-855-448-3331

Multi-Unit K9 Bed Bug Detection - Hamilton, Toronto, Kitchener, Niagara & Southern Ontario

Search Status Certificates

We provide K9 Bed Bug Detection status declaration certificates

Search Status Declaration

What is the importance of search status declaration certification? This declaration of your bed bug status indicates that you are proactively managing any potential bed bug outbreaks before they occur. These certificates are great for public relations and will help place your members and clients at ease. Call us: 1-855-448-3331

What if our K9s alert

If our K9 Bed Bug Detection dogs alert to the positive identification of bed bugs, we proceed in the following manner. We dual dog verify in the same location. If both dogs alert to the scent of bed bugs, our handlers then perform a physical search for evidence. Our handlers are also licensed exterminators. 1-855-448-3331

Post Visual Bed Bug Confirmation

If our K9 Bed Bug Detection Dogs have alerted to the positive identification of bed bugs, our expert human handlers go to work finding the evidence. In most cases we will find the visual confirmation, and will prepare a written report of our findings, including exact location information. Call today: 1-855-448-3331

Post Extermination Follow-up

If the inspection didn't pass due to a positive alert, your next steps are to hire a bed bug exterminator. We can help you find an honest, reliable bed bug exterminator. Once the extermination process is complete, and the mandatory post-treatment time has elapsed, our dogs will return to provide an 'all clear status'. Call today: 1-855-448-3331

K9 Bed Bug Detection Status Certificates - Toronto, Hamilton, Niagara, Kitchener & Southern Ontario

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