Bed Bug Pest Control Partners

Bed Bug Pest Control Partners

K9 Detection for your pest control company

Pest Control: Inspection Services

If you are a bed bug pest control company and use chemicals, steam or vacuuming to eliminate bed bugs, you need to know the precise locations of the infestation. Pest control efforts are fruitless if an exterminator simply sprays without knowing where the bed bugs are. We partner with Bed Bug Exterminators. Call: 1-855-448-3331

Pest Control: Heat Treatment

Bed bug exterminators and pest control companies have started to use heat as their best defense against bed bugs. However, this process is expensive to the client, and to the pest control company if they need to go back for warranty work. We can provide verification for you and your client. Call today: 1-855-448-3331

Unbiased Third Party Inspections

Maintaining your integrity as a bed bug pest control company should be your number one priority. There are concerns in the industry that pest control companies that employ their own dogs are first dishonest, and second unable to maintain well trained, capable detection dogs. Partner with the Bed Bug Hunters. 1-855-448-3331

K9 Bed Bug Detection is all we do

If your customer is concerned they have bed bugs, it is sometimes next to impossible to visually identify bed bugs without K9 Detection. By partnering with the Bed Bug Hunters, we will be an unbiased and professional extension of your bed bug pest control service. Call to book a meeting: 1-855-448-3331

Bed Bug Pest Control Partnerships - Hamilton, Toronto, Kitchener, Niagara & Southern Ontario

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Bed Bug Exterminators: Loyalty

If we partner with your bed bug exterminator business, we will be a loyal and dedicated extension of your company. We are professional, timely and our dogs are consistently trained. We maintain our dog's scent detection capabilities and our handler's bond with their dogs. You can be assured we will respond on your schedule. Call us: 1-855-448-3331

Non-Disclosure Agreements

Since we represent multiple Bed Bug Exterminator companies, you need to trust your trade secrets are safe with us. We are legally bound to NDA contracts signed between our company and yours. We will strive to maintain healthy and open communication with your staff. Your best interest is our best interest. 1-855-448-3331

Bed Bug Inspections: Integrity

The Bed Bug Exterminator business can be challenging. There are so many traumatized victims of bed bugs. We have witnessed the sobbing and breakdown of many people affected by bed bugs. We maintain an extremely high level of integrity in all circumstances. Call to discuss partnership: 1-855-448-3331

Working together for a solution

The number of bed bug infestations in Hamilton, Toronto & Southern Ontario have dramatically increased in this decade. We have a lot of work ahead of us to start reducing those numbers. By working together, and creating strong partnerships, we can all help in reducing this incredibly traumatizing nightmare. 1-855-448-3331

Bed Bug Exterminator Partnerships Toronto, Hamilton, Niagara, Kitchener & Southern Ontario

Toronto, Hamilton, Southern Ontario

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