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Bed Bug Dog Detection Toronto

Do you think you have bed bugs?

Bed bugs are a very real pest, and pose a true threat to your peace of mind. Many people suffer from the physical and psychological effects of bed bugs, ranging from bite marks to welts, and endless loss of sleep and anxiety. Bed Bug Dogs are a reliable and proven method to inspect and detect bed bugs in your home or office. 1-289-244-8991

Early Detection: Avoid infestation

By hiring our expert Bed Bug Dogs during the infancy stages of a bed bug infestation, you can avoid the spread of bed bugs throughout your home or office. Bed Bugs Toronto Dogs have an incredible loyalty to their handlers, and are eager to find your bed bugs. If you have witnessed bed bug symptoms, call us today 1-289-244-8991

Professional, Discreet, Honest

The Bed Bug Hunters are a dedicated Bed Bug Dog Detection and Inspection company. We will honour every one of our valued clients, and treat you with respect, discretion and the utmost professionalism. We strive for integrity and honesty in our personal and professional lives, and will treat you that way. Call: 1-289-244-8991

Unbiased Bed Bug Inspections

The Bed Bug Hunters are not affiliated with any one pest control company, and operates 100% independent. We are highly devoted to the Bed Bug profession, and want to contribute to the fair and honest eradication of Bed Bugs. Our Dog Handlers are licensed exterminators, and Bed Bug Inspection Experts. Call today: 1-289-244-8991

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Bed Bug Dog Detection

Bed Bug Dog Toronto Detection Services

Professionally Trained Dogs

It is of extreme importance that a Bed Bug Dog act in a professional, obedient and calm manner. Our bed bug detection dogs will be invited into your homes and places of work, and are trained to conduct their searches in an organized, and well-behaved manner. You can count on our professional and accurate searches. 1-289-244-8991

Visual Confirmation: Integrity

If our dogs alert to a positive identification of a bed bug, our handler will actively search for the physical evidence of bed bugs (our dog handler's are licensed exterminators). Seeing is believing, and we put forth our best effort to find the bed bugs our dogs have identified. We always act with integrity. Book an inspection: 1-289-244-8991

Regular training - 16 hours weekly

Our Bed Bug Dog and Handler teams train together on a regular schedule. In order to successfully locate bed bugs, the bond between Dog and Human is an extremely important factor. Therefore, a detection team must train consistently to remain focused. Our teams are always sharp and ready for the task. Call us Today: 1-289-244-8991

We love our detection dogs

We build excellent relationships with our dogs, and treat them with calm and assertive love. We believe in remaining calm in all circumstances, and training our dogs using positive re-enforcement. We treat our dogs with love and respect, and in return they provide the best possible inspection they can. Book an inspection: 1-289-244-8991

Bed Bug Dog Detection Services - Toronto, Hamilton, Niagara, Kitchener & Southern Ontario

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